11WEEC. The WEEC Network at the service of all environmental educators

Dear all,

The 11th World Environmental Education Congress (“Building bridges”), scheduled in Prague (Czech Republic) in October 2021, is postponed to 14-18 March 2022.

Many countries are facing a wave of Covid-19 and are seriously affected. We are all aware of the situation humankind is facing. The pandemic frightens and builds a community of destiny besides the climate community of destiny, and at the same time enhance inequalities and poverty. It at the same time underlines both the need for a healthy nature and a safe environment and redesigns social, political, and economic systems. For environmental education, it means to cross more and more the road of peace, social and environmental justice, and human rights.

These two crises -as we know- are indeed interconnected, even though the first one often holds the spotlight to the prejudice of the second. Therefore, we are obliged to postpone the 11th WEEC, but with the omen of a growing interest in the environment and possible positive signals of change in policies, counting on the increasing centrality of our aims and our issues, more and more critical, and an environmental and sustainability education more and more strategic.

The 11th WEEC will be an excellent opportunity for meeting people and supporting their cooperation. While we will organize most of WEEC in the real world, it will be possible to attend online plenary and thematic sessions and to present online papers or workshops. Still, I hope that most of the participants will be able to come to Prague. At the same time, those who cannot arrive will have a meaningful option to attend at a distance.

So, I invite you to prepare from now your participation in the 11th WEEC in 2022, but at the same time to enhance collaboration networking, commitment.

The WEEC Network, its website, newsletter, social media, relationships are at the service of all environmental practitioners, researchers or teachers, in sum, at the benefit of all environmental educators (formal, non-formal and informal).

Warmest regards

Mario Salomone
WEEC Network Secretary-General