2011 meeting in Brisbane

We asked Jo-Anne Ferreira, co-chairman of the organizing committee of the Conference, what is the most urgent environmental issue in the Pacific region.

«Certainly the most urgent issue is climate change, in fact it will be one of the central themes of the WEEC, and it will be discussed in every main session – she highlighted -. We will talk about climate change science, about the impacts on the Asian-Pacific communities and about the future of young generations; we will also discuss of what these aspects mean for environmental educators».

The organizing committee has chosen to use social networks to promote the Conference in order to increase the involvement of the participants. «We hope that some of these websites will be used by people to create a pre-congress debate who will start thinking about issues which could be developed both during and after the meeting in Brisbane», Ferreira says.

WEEC’s Permanent Secretariat is based in Turin at the Institute for Environment and Education Scholé Futuro Onlus, which is at the moment organizing the Italian delegation that will participate in the Conference. The Secretariat will prepare a travel package including flight (departing from Milan or Rome) and overnight stay (hotel or university campus, located near the convention center).
Everyone who is interested in joining the delegation should contact the Institute by telephoning at +39 011 4366522 or by sending an email to secretariat@environmental-education.org.

We look forward to hearing from you!

.eco, l’educazione sostenibile, n. 1 January 2011


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