The Princess speech

In her speech of the 9th WEEC at Vancouver, the Princess Lalla Hasnaa highlighted Morocco’s irreversible commitment to the environment, as host of COP22 in Marrakech, and its support to countries most vulnerable to global warming, including Africa and small island countries. «A staunch advocate of coexistence and dialogue since time immemorial, my country – Morocco – remains at the forefront of such an endeavor, which is based on international solidarity» she said.

Morocco promulgated a charter for the environment, which is part of a national Sustainable Development Strategy for 2030, a tool to consolidate public policies and transition towards a green and inclusive economy.

The Mohammed VI Foundation for Environmental Protection has aligned with this strategy since 2001, with its pilot programs for clean beaches, air quality, restoration of historic gardens, etc., which enable persistent work for education for sustainable development and diffusion of a culture of the environment, especially among the young ones.
The success of these programs, which combine concrete action and awareness raising, is based on the mobilization and joint work, under decisive coordination by the Foundation, and support from partners from a wide range of backgrounds: administrations, companies, associations, universities, etc.

In her speech, Her Royal Highness Princess Lalla Hasnaa supported the purpose of the Foundation’s programs, which is to help «learn or relearn essential acts to save resources, safeguard nature, protect biodiversity and promote solidarity.» in order to develop a culture of the environment.
This echoes the theme of the WEEC 9th edition, which is being held from September 9 -15, 2017 at the joint initiative of the WEEC International Secretariat and the Vancouver Institute for Environmental Education on the theme: “Culture and environment: weaving new connections”.
The Mohammed VI Foundation for Environmental Protection participates every two years in WEEC. It co-organized the 7th edition of 2013 in Marrakech, under the theme: “Environmental education in cities and rural areas: seeking greater harmony”.

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