The world in a photo, 4 competitions now open

Each Spring the Sony World Photography Awards Exhibition goes on show at the famous London landmark, Somerset House. Attracting 25,000 visitors each year, the Exhibition features more than 800 images. The competition is open for 2020, read more about the four competitions available Read More

Thai Airways: special discounts for WEEC delegates

Fly to Bangkok with Thai Airways and take advantage of the special discount reserved for weec Congress participants Read More

Circular economy, 3rd edition of the symposium in India

The objective of the Symposium is to mainstream Circular Economy Principles in Indian businesses for long term value creation, both economic (extended value of products and materials for as long as possible) as well as environmental. Join the Symposium on 17th- 18th June 2019 at FICCI Headquarters in New Delhi. Read More

Local Democratic Challenges: Environment, Inequalities and Resilient Cultural Mediation

A Conference organised by the Interntional Sociological Association (Sept. 9-11, 2019  Chania, Crete, Greece), with the patronage of the WEEC Network Read More

Beat Air Pollution. Unep campaign for the World Environment Day 2019

UNEP is calling on everybody to organize events on air pollution and clean the air. The World Environment Day 2019 will be a truly global event: register your event and get worldwide visibility. You will receive both a certificate of participation from UN Environment and the warm glow of knowing you are doing your part. Read More

The anthropogenic transformations in the Unesco Chair Call for the 10WEEC

Geo-capitalism and global racialization in the frame of Anthropocene. A new call from Unesco Chair Read More

Gunter Pauli: innovation and entrepreneurship at the WEEC

His visionary approach, supported by dozens of projects, is dedicated to design a society which respond to people’s needs using what is locally available. Read More

Samira Benabdallah confirmed as keynote speaker at 10WEEC

The Director of the Center for Environmental Education (CEE) of the Mohammed VI Foundation for the Protection of the Environment (Morocco), Ms Samira Benabdallah, will be at 10WEEC as keynote speaker Read More

Find out religions and cultures in Thailand… waiting the Congress

The multiformity and sensitivity of the Thai people is also expressed in the various forms of religious belief. Even if more than 90% declare themselves “Buddhist Theravada”, there are  Muslims, Catholics and religion (6%) that compose a mixed society. Read More

Attend to the NGO’s Forum at 10WEEC

The NGO Forum constitutes a great opportunity for your NGO to present your work in an international arena for researchers, practitioners, press and media. Read More