WEEC: the idea of a strongest and best organized network is welcomed

The Permanent Secretariat has consulted those who have already joined the network by endorsing the Charter of Principles. The question asked was about the future developments and in particular on the choice to make the network more formal and “institutionalized”.

The vast majority said “Yes” to the formal subscription to the international network. Only 1 per cent, in fact, didn’t agree to formally subscribe and 10% said that “do not know” and that “want to think or understand more and / or consult his organization. “All the others are ready to join as individuals (40%), as individuals and as an organization (32%) or organization (17%).

The same percentage (89%) was recorded for those interested in participating in a coordination at continent or sub-continent level.
Almost everyone, finally, is interested in contributing to the work of “Permanent Research Committees.”

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