The anthropogenic transformations in the Unesco Chair Call for the 10WEEC

Geo-capitalism and global racialization in the frame of Anthropocene. A new call from Unesco Chair Read More

WEEC2019, new Call: Patterns of Complexity in an Anthropocene Environmental Curriculum

A new thematic cluster proposal for the 10th WEEC Congress – Bangkok 3-7 November 2019 Read More

Trees around literature: a call

Trees in/and/around literature in the Anthroponece.  A Call of University of Turin, Italy
Deadline: 21st May 2019 Read More

Politics, Ecology and Society in the Anthropocene

XII National Conference of Environmental Sociologists in Italy, 26-27 September 2019. The Call for panels is open. Read More

Madrid, Reinventing the horizon: science and art in the face of climate change

Reinventing the horizon, that’s the title of the international symposium organised in Madrid,  April 18-19 by the Fundacion Ramon Areces . What kind of knowledge is needed to face the enormous challenges we face? How to interpret the complex reality of a challenge that is new in the history of humanity? What role does Science play? And the Art, what clues can it give us? Read More