100 Questions in 100 Pages, a free book from Gunter Pauli

Gunter Pauli’s free book invites everyone to reflect, even to start building the post Covid Read More

China: Gunter Pauli named one of the Nation’s best science teachers

Gunter Pauli is one of the 10 best science teachers of China, announced The Xinhua News Agency. Over the past 7 years he taught 35,000 teachers and he spoke to more than 300,000 students. These model  classes have become so popular that the Government decided that within a decade these classes will have been presented in each and every province by Gunter Pauli in person». Read More

YRE: an interview to Gunter Pauli at 10WEEC

For someone he is “The Steve Jobs of Sustainability”, we call him “Living Legend of Sustainability”. Interview by Young Reporters from Environment Read More