Possibility of collaboration with Canadian environmental education journal

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An invitation to disseminate your research

The journal Education for the Environment: Regards – Recherches – Réflexions will host the proposals for articles from a paper presented at the WEEC.  Read here the information to submit your article proposal Read More

The new issue of the Journal of EE is now online

The new Issue, n.14 of the journal Environmental Education: Regards – Research – Reflections has been added to the OpenEdition Journals Portal | Revues.org. Read More

Future of Food Journal, call for papers

Reserach papers accepted until the 15th of February, 2018 Read More

Call for papers: Journal of Business, Peace and Sustainable Development

Greenleaf Publishing invites contributions to the Business, Peace and Sustainable Development (BPSD) Journal.

BPSD is a peer-reviewed journal that aims at understanding the role of the business sector in enhancing peace and reducing violence, and contributing to sustainable development.Corporate Peaceis an umbrella concept that contains business, social and strategic dimensions. It is the capacity of an organization to consider peace and the reduction of violence as a component in its business strategy, and the utilisation of business resources to raise awareness and enhance peace. While research has been published on business and peace and peace through commerce, BPSD is the first journal dedicated to the mutual contribution of business and peace.

To submit your paper register online. See the notes for contributors or contact the Editor for more guidelines.

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centr’ERE -espace RESSOURCES. Directory of journals on EE and ESD

  Espace Recherche provides a variety of theoretical and methodological resources in education related to the Environment and Eco-citizenship. The directory offers access to a list of core journals in several languages (French, English, Spanish and Portuguese) in Education Related to the Environment (ERE) and Education for Sustainable Development ( ESD). You will find training… Read More

Special Issue of the JEE: The Politics of Policy in Education for Sustainable Development

A very Special Issue (SI) of the Journal of Environmental Education titled ‘The politics of policy in education for sustainable development was recently released”.

This message brings to your attention this important contribution to the international literature on an issue that, globally, remains full of twists and turns, and is informed by latest movements in theory, and development of methodology, and empirical work about policy conceptualization/enactment and critique

The SI edited by Phillip G. Payne (Monash University, Australia) features an Introduction, Conclusion, and eight invited research papers written by international renowned scholars who represent very different geo-cultural-epistemological/linguistic backgrounds and current research efforts:

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Sustainability: call for papers

numero9_COVER_sitoCulture della sostenibilità” (“Cultures of Sustainability”) is the scientific six-monthly journal that originated in Italy in 2007 and is open to the world to encourage trans-disciplinary and trans-cultural debates to discuss the themes of sustainability. The plural of the title (“Cultures”) is, in fact, important. The papers are accepted also in English, French, Spanish and Portuguese, in addition to Italian.

The focus is especially on the new emerging social practices and on the role of education in changing the model of production, consumption and lifestyle. What are the most effective approaches? What changes are ongoing to pave the way for a more “green” and a more sustainable future, or rather for a more just and human society that can ensure all human beings quality of life within the planetary boundaries. The subject of the papers must regard research, case studies, experiences and reflections on sustainability, with particular attention to the interactions between society and environment, innovative social practices and / or the role of formal, non formal and informal education.

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World Watch Magazine

[div2 class=”highlight2″] World Watch Magazine Frequency: Bi-monthly Language: English Mission:World Watch magazine offers concise, cutting-edge analysis from a holistic perspective. This award-winning bi-monthly periodical connects the dots between our natural world and the people who inhabit it.   [/div2]

The Journal of Education for Sustainable Development

[div2 class=”highlight2″] The Journal of Education for Sustainable Development Frequency: Bi-annualy Language: English Mission: The Journal of Education for Sustainable Development (JESD) is a forum for academics and practitioners to share and critique innovations in thinking and practice in the emerging field of Education for Sustainable Development (ESD). A peer-reviewed international journal, JESD aims at… Read More