WEEC 11: field sessions and abstract submission deadline

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In addition to 12 thematic parallel sessions in Prague Congress Centre, the WEEC offers you 10 practical field sessions in 9 Czech environmental education centres (on-site program). The host centres will serve as case studies for particular topics discussed during the workshop-style sessions.  

  • 4 field sessions will take place in Prague, 6 in the environmental education centres out of Prague, which also offers you a great opportunity to explore the host country. 
  • 5 field sessions include overnight followed by a trip with local environmental educators. 

You will thus have a great opportunity to explore landscapes, landmarks and tastes of Bohemian Paradise, Moravian karst, Krkonoše mountains, Brno and Bohemian – Moravian highland.

Explore our field sessions: 

1. Inquiry-based environmental education

2. Participative approaches in environmental education at schools

3. Schools as environmental campaigners

4. Animal farming in environmental education and animal welfare concerns

5. Folk traditions and traditional crafts in environmental education

6. Learning by Nature

7. Alienation from nature

8. Nature and Community as the Best Classrooms

9. EE in modern ZOO

10. School gardens and school forests 


Abstract submission deadline:
30th November 2021