Ju Chou is a professor in environmental education/education for sustainable development  at the Graduate Institute of Environmental Education, National Taiwan Normal University. Chou’s professional involvement are mainly teaching, research and development in formal and non-formal EE and ESD, environmental communication and environmental interpretation.  He is also one of the key person of EE legislation initiative and helped the National Environmental Education Law passed by the national parliament in 2010 in Taiwan.  He had abundant research and development experiences and has conducted many EE related research projects for Taiwan Forestry Bureau (development of its Nature Center system across the country), Ministry of Education and National Science Council and so forth. His research interests areas include: National and international policies and strategies in environmental education and education for sustainable development; Basic constructs and concepts of environmental education, and curriculum planning; Assessment and evaluation of formal and non-formal environmental education program; Issues and trends in urban environmental education. He is also working as advisory editor of major local and international academic journals of EE.