Gunter Pauli is an entrepreneur, lecturer and commentator whose interests span culture, science, politics, sustainability innovation and the environment. He is a champion of sustainable design and is dedicated to developing innovative business models which will not damage health or the environment.

  • Author of The Blue Economy
  • Built the first ecological factory when Chairman and CEO of Ecover
  • Founder-Director ZERI Foundation – Zero Emissions Research & Initiatives
  • Advisor to the United Nations

He has been a member of the boards of several NGOs and private companies in Asia, USA and Latin America and advisor to the Rector of the United Nations University in Tokyo.

He has been visiting lecturer and professor at universities in on all continents.

He was assistant to the founder of the global think tank The Club of Rome for 5 years. Since then he has written around 20 books printed in 34 languages, and 125 fables for children.