Saad Benamar, PhD in Plant Physiology at the University Henri Poincaré (Nancy-France, 1998), PhD in Forest’s Ecophysiology at the University Moulay Ismail (Meknès-Morocco, 2005) is, since 1991, Professor of EE, ESD and ecology, head of Biology-Geology Department, at Sidi Mohamed Ben Abdellah University (Fez-Morocco). At the beginning of 2012, Professor Benamar became pedagogic coordinator of a Master on Life sciences education, and Director of the laboratory of Urban and Plant Environmental Sciences. His research is focused on both the evaluation of the effectiveness of EE and ESD and the strategies for their strengthening in the Moroccan formal and non-formal educational systems. He has been involved in many national initiatives related to EE and ESD during the last two decades in the context of both university projects and associative activities as a Vice-President of “Moroccan Forum of the Environmental Initiatives” and of the “Fez Botanical garden Association”. Professor Benamar has participated to the negotiations of the COP21 at Paris and contributed to the work of the international Scientific Committees of the 7th and 8th WEECs held in Marrakech and Gothenburg, respectively (Email: