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Wishes for the 9WEEC Congress

Many organizations and institutions support the WEEC Congress and come the first greetings from those who can not participate directly in the next edition, that to be held in September in Vancouver.
Among these we point out the wishes of Portugal and Switzerland who wrote to the Permanent Secretariat to stress the importance of events such as the WEEC Congress.

Ines Ferreira Alves, Head of Gabinet of the Portugues Ministry of environment writes:
“I do believe that the 9th World Environmental Education Congress, under the trasversal theme Culture/Environment will be a success and will provide a great opportunity to give notice about the importance of the interlinkages between both sectors, issues that have really a universal common and fruitful interst for all”.

And Doris Leuthard, Federal Councillor from the Head of the Federal Department of Environment, Transport, Energy and communication UVEK, Switzerland: “I am convinced that education for the environment is an important task as our economies are turning green and face many political, technical but also behavioral challanges. Such a transition needs the involvement of all the stakeholders and the WEEC congresses contribute to it. I wish you and the organizers the best success in your endeavour to address, in 2017, the interplay between cultural and environmental factors towards sustainable development”.