WEEC 2019, the call for paper coming soon

In a few days the call for paper for the Weec 2019 will be open.  It is time to start thinking about what to present during the tenth edition of the World Envirionmental Education Congress that will be held in Bangkok, Tahiland in November 2019, just over a year from now.

The presentation formats are: oral an posters presentation, round tables sessions and workshops.
During the NGOs Forum the organisations will present their programs, projects, and productions. A space with a table will be offered to each NGO for a three hour period, where presenters will interact with Congress participants.

3 thoughts on “WEEC 2019, the call for paper coming soon

  1. Good day sir/ma. Can I write on literary fiction/writers and environmental issues?

  2. Hi,
    I cannot register on the WEEC 2019 site for Abstract submission, nor can I find an email address to contact.
    Can you kindly email me with necessary details?
    Many thanks
    Dr Mary Murphy

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