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The WEEC congresses are the most significant existing experience of connecting all actors at the international level in the field of environmental education.

The 13th WEEC will be held in Perth, follow us to stay updated on all the latest developments!


News and events from the WEEC Network partners

Inaugural Speaking 4 the Planet competition ignites environmental passion in Africa

Africa witnessed a groundbreaking event as the inaugural Speaking 4 the Planet competition took center stage, hosted by St…
13 May 2024/by weec

WEEC Network Joins Campaign to Protect Right to a Clean, Healthy, and Sustainable Environment

We are pleased to announce that WEEC Network has officially joined the collective effort to advocate for the protection of…
14 March 2024/by weec

MECCE Project announces third call for proposals for quality climate change communication and education case studies

The Monitoring and Evaluating Climate Communication and Education (MECCE) Project, a collaborative effort among over 100…
4 March 2024/by weec

Empowering Uganda’s youth: Muyunga Bruno’s quest to Speaking 4 the Planet

In the heart of Uganda, Muyunga Bruno, an IT Officer, Environmental Activist, and student mentor at St. Mark's College Namagoma,…
27 February 2024/by weec

Perth selected as host for 13th World environmental education congress (WEEC) in 2026

The World Environmental Education Congress (WEEC) Permanent Secretariat and the Australian Association of Environmental Education…
23 February 2024/by weec

Twenty years and great aspirations at the 12th World WEEC Congress

Record-breaking numbers and prime factors were highlighted at the 12th edition of the World Environmental Education Congress…
15 February 2024/by weec

The future of humanity depends on enabling everybody’s capacity to learn

The Fifth Element programme of The Club of Rome and The World Environmental Education Congress are joining forces to collaborate…
14 February 2024/by weec

WEEC2024: a global gathering for sustainable solutions

The twelfth edition of the World Environmental Education Congress (WEEC) kicks off in Abu Dhabi,…
29 January 2024/by weec

Leveraging COP 28 consensus for inclusive socio-environmental transformation

Brazil and paths after COP 28
by Dra. Vanessa Sousa de Oliveira, Dr. Marcos Vinicius Campelo Junior

Between November…
22 January 2024/by weec

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The Network

The network is a permanent meeting point: professors, teachers, professionals, public officials, educators in general and / or their associations and bodies keep in touch between conferences.
They communicate their activities to the global community of environmental education and have access to documents and first-hand information; through books and magazines they build and improve their capacity to influence and develop in all citizens the necessary awareness allowing them to create a better and more sustainable world.

The win win strategy for a better world

The congresses

Congresses, held every two years, are the focal point in which all stake-holders in environmental education come together in order to present best practices, experiences, researches on methods and results of environmental education.
Under the supervision of a scientific committee representative for each continent and thanks to the efforts of the host country national committee, congresses become the ideal venue for reciprocal knowledge, exchange and discussions among individuals, institutions, networks, alliances or coalitions.

It’s time to act now

Why to join

Become a supporter and contribute to create a better and greener world. Get involved and increase your contacts, improve your career options and your knowledge. WEEC members can facilitate mutual cooperation and improve the quality of cultural and scientific debate.
You too could promote an active, informed and responsible citizenship, as a condition for a more peaceful, fair and ecological human society in a spirit of respect for gender, racial, social, religious, political and cultural differences. It’s time to act. Now.