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World EE Day
  • 12WEEC Call for Abstracts

    The 12WEEC call for abstract submission is now open. You can present works, researches and activities in the field of environmental education


The “win win” strategy for a better world

The congresses

Congresses, held every two years, are the focal point in which all the actors of environmental education come together to present best practices, experiences, researches on methods and results of environmental education. Under the supervision of a scientific committee representative of all continents and through the efforts of a national committee of the host country, the congresses are a place for reciprocal knowledge, exchange and discussion for individuals and for institutions, networks, alliances or coalitions.



The network

The network is a permanent meeting point: professors, teachers, professionals, public officials, educators in general and / or their associations and their bodies remain in contact between a conference and the following one. They communicate their activities in all the global community of environmental education, have access to documents and first-hand information, have books, magazines, improve and develop their capacity to influence and develop in all citizens the awareness necessary to build better and more sustainable world.



Why to join

Become a supporter and contribute to create a better and greener world. Let’s get involved and implement your contacts, your career options, your knowledge. The WEEC members can facilitate mutual cooperation and improve the level of the cultural and scientific debate. You too could promote an active, informed and responsible citizenship, as a condition for a more peaceful, fair and ecological human society in a spirit of respect for gender, racial, social, religious, political and cultural differences.
It’s time to act. Now.


News & experience

The Academic Network on Global Education and Learning (ANGEL), working in partnership with UNESCO, organises a major international conference focused on research related to Global Education and Learning, the event theme is ‘Global Education & Learning for a Just, Peaceful and Sustainable World’. It will be held on the 19th and 20th June at UNESCO House… Read More

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Here is a call for papers for the International Colloquium on the Outside Class which will be organized in Poitiers from 31 May to 3 June 2023. The papers that can be presented in this call will be selected according to three thematic areas of intervention: – Outdoor Learning: state of the art – Learning… Read More

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5th edition of the World Environmental Education Day (from 14 October to 26 October 2022). The Weec Network invited all the stakeholders of environmental education to join the World EE Day organising special events. Here a selection of interesting celebration taken place around the world

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Advisory Board

Members of the Scientific Committees of present and past congresses

October 14: The World Environmental Education Day

The WEEC network calls governments, parks, environmental education centers, associations, etc. to celebrate every year, on October 14, the World Environmental Education Day