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11WEEC Congress 2022: the website is online

The website of the next WEEC congress is now available online here.
The 11th edition of the world congress of environmental education will be held in Prague (Czech republic) from 14 to 18 March 2022. Let’s browsing the pages of the new website!

Main theme: Building Bridges in Times of Climate Urgency
How can environmental and sustainability education contribute to overcoming disjunctions and the binaries that separate people from nature, and support a more sustainable, equitable, and relational way of being in the world? The 11WEEC Congress will help us to build bridges for all: between different approaches to environmental education and education for sustainable development, across international boundaries, between formal, informal, and community education, as well as between researchers and practitioners around the world.

Here you can have an overview of the programme.

And read you can find all information about how submitting an abstract

Have a look of one of the most significant innovations of this edition:the Field Sessions.
Field Sessions are organized by local environmental education centers. They will be held at the centers’ facilities; they will be 1 or 2 days long, some of them outside of Prague (with accommodation in the centers’ facilities). The Field Sessions aim to share experience form communities of practitioners and researchers for promoting their cooperation in possible future projects. Because of this, the Field Sessions are more practice – and experience – oriented, while the insights making a bridge between the theory and practice is highly welcome.

Save the date
1 January 2021 – Opening of abstract submission
31 August 2021 – Early registration deadline
31 August 2021 – Abstracts submission closes
30 November 2021 – Notification of acceptance / rejection
31 December 2021 – Regular registration deadline
31 December 2021 – Presenter registration deadline

We are looking forward to seeing you in Prague!

9th WEEC, the abstract book is now available for free

The 9weec_Abstract_ Book presents the contents of the World Environmental Education Congress held in Vancouver (Canada) in September 2017.
A total of 736 abstracts were submitted to the abstract submission system in English, French and Spanish.
Abstracts were submitted in 1 of 14 following strands. Early Childhood Education and EE; Place-based Education and Local Outdoor Learning; Architecture and Green Design; Arts Based Approaches in EE; Agriculture and Garden-Based Learning; Global and Cultural Diversity in EE; Urban Eco-systems;  Environmental Communication (and Uncertainty); Indigenous Knowledge and EE; Ethics Lead Learning and Sustainability; Social Responsibility and Agency/Activism; Nature as Teacher / Nature as Researcher; Global Policy and Environmental Education; Perspectives, Challenges and Innovation in Research.
The congress allowed up to 14 parallel sessions as the Local Organizing Committee envisioned a room/home dedicated for each of the 14 strands. The majority of presentations was allocated to interactive poster sessions and discouraged the traditional PowerPoint presentations.
One of the goals of the congress was to encourage as much interaction and discussion amongst the delegates as possible and move away from the hierarchical oral presentations.
Upon review by the Local Organizing Committee as well as the Socio-Scientific Committee, there were a total of 259 interactive poster presentations, 26 novel format presentations, 43 paper presentations, 152 roundtable presentations, and 2 symposia confirmed for the congress.

64 countries were represented at WEEC 2017.

Download the 9weec_Abstract_ Book