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Learning and networking for sustainable development in the Alps

YOUrALPS’ partners have the pleasure to invite you to the international conference for the presentation of the two main outputs of the project: the Alpine School Model and the OurAlps Network. The conference will gather together professionals of education, mountain education and mountain activities in the Alps; policymakers and public authorities; representatives of associations, protected areas and networks; as  well as young people passionate about  the Alps.

During the Alpine School Model presentation, the experiences of schools and non-formal organizations who tested the model during the project will be highlighted. A round table will also be held to discuss with international and national policymakers about Alpine education and about the possibility of assuring the model’s sustainability in the future.
During the round table dedicated to OurAlps, we will discuss together the importance of an international network of mountain education in the Alps, in relation to international strategies aimed at Youth.
On day 2 of the conference, workshops in small groups will allow an operational exchange on targeted themes for mountain education and the OurAlps network.

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The conference is organised in the frame of the INTERREG Alpine Space Project YOUrALPS


Three reports for alpine education

In times of shortage of resources and competing extra-curricular activities in formal education, a joint effort of students, teachers, parents, school authorities, the general public and other actors is mandatory to allow mountain-oriented Education (MoE) develop its unique potential. Together with all other project partners who supported the work, the Department of Geography of the University of Innsbruck presents the elaboration of the three subreports. You will find information on the status quo of the implementation of MoE in the five EU Alpine states, on opportunities and shortcomings of established good practice examples and the conclusions and recommendations for a better integration of formal and non-formal environmental education by elicitating both youth, experts, educators, practitioners and official documents for the realm of YOUrALPS project.
Take a detailed look at the main results of work package 2 of the currently running Interreg Alpine Space Project YOUrALPS here for report 1: “Collection and analysis of existing Mountain-oriented education (MoE) practices and approaches”,
and here for report 2: “Political Strategies on Education for sustainable development and Mountain-oriented Education”.
The report 3: “Mountain-oriented education (MoE) implementation approaches & challenges” is here.