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PAJEP Call for paper: nature animation and environmental education in France

PAJEP, the Center for the conservation of archives of youth and popular education associations, organizes a call for paper. On 30th and 31th March 2022 the conference on History and archives of nature animation and environmental education in France in the years 1970 -1990 will take place. This event will bring together several partners and environmental education networks.

The event is conceived as the culmination of a study cycle on the theme of the history of nature-environment animation in those years. It aims to open up new avenues, to identify researchers in this field and to attempt a first synthesis of elements collected since 2016 within the framework of 6 preparatory study days.

The colloquium will bring together archivists, researchers and actors (activists and representatives of associations); this call for paper is therefore addressed to all of these networks. The organizers expect contributions from sociology, anthropology, environmental sciences, science and technology of physical and sports activities, etc.

You have time until 19th April 2021 to submit your paper


For further information about how to submit a paper and on the conference, click here