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The Earth Prize 2023 competition: $5,000 prize for the three best Mentors

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The Earth Foundation is looking for university students passionate about sustainability and entrepreneurship to become MENTORS in The Earth Prize 2023 competition.

Following the successful first edition of The Earth Prize 2022 and a fantastic experience with our Mentors, The Earth Prize 2023 will now recognize not just one but three mentors with The Earth Prize Mentor of the Year award. The three best mentors, as voted by the competition’s Participants, will receive a $5,000 prize each.

The virtual mentoring will take place between September 1st, 2022 and January 31st, 2023 through The Earth Prize online platform. Mentors will contribute to the development of students’ innovative projects by offering them guidance on their projects and answering their questions.

If you know someone who might be interested in sharing their knowledge and making an impact, share this opportunity with them! You can find more information on The Earth Prize Mentors page.

Earth Prize: registration deadline extended to November 30th

Due to the overwhelming positive response and the significant number of requests for more time to sign up,  the Earth Foundation has decided to extend the registration deadline for the competition by one full month.

The new deadline to register is Tuesday, November 30th.

Students and supervisors will now have until the end of next month to:
– Register individually on the website to access all their learning content and mentorship.
–  Create (for supervisors) and join (for students) their teams.
–  Complete and submit their team motivation letter and a problem definition form, which will grant teams access to the Submissions Phase of The Earth Prize.

All participants will then have until January 31st, 2022 to submit their ideas for the competition.

Remember: if you pre-registered back in the summer, you will still need to register officially on the Earth Prize website by November 30th in order to compete for The Earth Prize.

The teachers who have registered already can send the school’s logo so it can be featured on the Participating Schools page on The Earth Foundation’s website. You can send it directly to info@theearthprize.org
If you still have questions regarding the competition,  you check out the webinar here, where you can hear directly from participating teachers about their experiences with The Earth Prize thus far.

The Earth Prize: registration is officially open


Photo by Mika Baumeister – Unsplash

Until October 31st secondary education students and teachers can register for the competition through the website, where they will then be able to:

–  Watch the bespoke learning videos covering key environmental sustainability concepts and featuring young change-makers from around the world such as Tom Szaky, Founder of TerraCycle, and Boyan Slat, Founder of The Ocean Cleanup.

– Form teams and start working on their ideas.

– Ask questions to The Earth Prize Mentors: 30 student experts from 26 top universities across 18 countries.

If you know of any secondary school teacher or student who might be interested in participating in the competition, please share this initiative with them.  The Earth Prize wants to reach as many schools and students all over the world as possible.

Earth Foundation: looking for university students mentors for the Earth Prize

The Earth Foundation is looking for university students interested in involving as mentors for the young people applying the Earth Prize. Becoming an Earth Prize Mentor is a unique opportunity for university students to share and expand their knowledge on environmental sustainability and entrepreneurship, by advising participants in The Earth Prize, a $200,000 global youth environmental sustainability competition for students between the ages of 13 and 19.

Mentors will contribute to the development of students’ innovative project proposals by offering them guidance on their ideas and answering their questions. Mentors who will have demonstrated the highest levels of engagement will be given the chance to work individually with one of the ten The Earth Prize Finalists.

Each year, the most engaged mentor, as voted by the The Earth Prize participants, will be recognized with the Mentor of the Year award and a $12,500 prize.

All mentors will become part of The Earth Prize Alumni Association, a community of inspiring individuals and organizations offering mentorship, networking, internships, and professional placement opportunities.
Mentors  will have access to a unique network of entrepreneurs thanks to The Earth Foundation’s incubator partnerships and they will be able to connect with inspiring new start-ups leading the way towards environmental sustainability.
Mentoring for the The Earth Prize offers an excellent opportunity to develop and showcase transferable skills such as project management, problem-solving, and consulting. Each mentor will receive a certificate upon completion.
All mentors will have access to The Earth Prize learning platform featuring bespoke online materials on environmental issues, interviews with activists and social entrepreneurs, and real-world practical skill training on how to effect change.

Joining The Earth Prize as a mentor allow to actively contribute to projects striving to make a positive impact on the environment and to serve as a role model for younger students, inspiring them to become future changemakers.

Application will close June 30thFill the form here to become a mentor.




Earth Prize: a $200,000 environmental sustainability competition for students

Great opportunities for students and teachers committed to environmental issues: the Earth Prize is here! The Earth Prize is an environmental sustainability competition open to teenage students everywhere.  It will recognize the students and schools with the best solutions to accelerate positive change towards environmental sustainability, as judged by The Earth Prize Adjudicating Panel.

Every participant will engage with original bespoke materials and get personalized mentorship from university students. They will also have the opportunity to interact with our world-renowned Ambassadors and showcase their solutions to a global audience.

The winning solution will have real-world impact potential, and the winning team will receive $100,000 (from a $200,000 total prize), to be split between their school and the team members.

The registration phase runs from 1st September to 31st October. Students and supervisors are required to register for The Earth Prize using the online platform.

Upon completing registration, teams and their supervisors will be granted access to bespoke online learning material, mentoring by university students (“The Earth Prize Mentors’’), and the portal where they will submit their Registration Confirmation.
Read all the participation guidelines here

The Earth Prize is a multi-phase competition: during the submission phase (1st November 2021 – 31st January 2022) students will submit their Fresh Ideas. Then, the Earth Prize Scholars will be are announced (February 2022) and the top ten teams will are selected and announced. After a social media engagement campaign the final idea will be presented to the Adjudicating Panel. The Earth Prize Ceremony will be Saturday, 26th March 2022 when the the Earth Prize Winner and 3 Runners-up will be announced.

The team recognized as “The Earth Prize Winner” will be provided with a USD 100,000 prize. Fifty percent (50%) of the prize will be granted to the team’s school to be used in a project focusing on environmental sustainability, and fifty percent (50%) as an educational scholarship grant to be split evenly amongst the team members.

Three teams will be recognized as “The Earth Prize Runner-up” whose schools will be awarded with a USD 25,000 prize each.  One prize of USD 12,500 will be awarded to The Earth Prize Educator of the Year. And one prize of USD 12,500 will be awarded to The Earth Prize Mentor of the Year.

The Prize is organised by the Earth Foundation, founded in 2020 in Geneva (Switzerland), to inspire, educate, mentor, and empower students, schools, researchers, and young entrepreneurs with innovative ideas to tackle environmental challenges. Through its initiatives The Earth Foundation strives to build its very own ecosystem.