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Italian National Days of the WEEC Network

The Italian National Days of the WEEC Network, Environmental education and sustainability held in Naples,  April 20-21 2018,  had as main objective the cultural exchange between diversified realities operating within the EAS.
This goal gave rise to the need for a national meeting in which the fruitful exchange of experiences and the relationships between the participants became elements of growth of the network and its future development.
A second objective is to enhance the initiatives of those who work today in various capacities in the EAS, in schools, in natural and urban contexts, in the business world and in the university, through the presentation of innovative experiences for methodologies, languages or implementation contexts.
The choice of Naples as a symbolic city wants to encourage the participation of all the people of “good will” who, especially in Southern Italy, find themselves reuniting different realities, both social and sensitization to sustainability.

The WEEC Italy Network, launched in 2013 following the WEEC World Congress in Marrakech and consolidated in the successive World Congresses in Gothenburg and Vancouver, at the EAS European Days in Bergamo, thanks to the first National Workshop held at the CNR in Porano in 2016 and the cycle of meetings (also transmitted in streaming) “Tessere Nuove Connessioni” to Oxy.gen of the Parco Nord Milano in 2017, is today an aggregative subject able to enhance the effort of diversified energies in the country, public and private, that beyond geographical affiliations recognize themselves in a common manifesto of values to promote a sustainable society through educational processes.

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Photo: Natural Reserve WWF “Cratere degli Astroni”, near Naples