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UNESCO: environmental education must be a core curriculum component by 2025

The Unesco World Conference on Education for Sustainable Development, followed online by over 10,000 viewers, was organized by UNESCO in cooperation with the Federal Ministry of Education and Research of Germany and the German Commission for UNESCO as advisory partner.

Over 80 ministers and vice ministers and 2,800 education and environment stakeholders committed to taking concrete steps to transform learning for the survival of our planet at the end of a three-day virtual World Conference held from 17 to 19 May.

UNESCO has called for Education for Sustainable Development to be a core component of all education systems at all levels by 2025. The Berlin Declaration on Education for Sustainable Development outlines a range of policies to transform learning encompassing teaching, learning, professional training and civic engagement. It also highlights the need to implement Education for Sustainable Development with focus on cognitive skills, social and emotional learning, collaboration skills, problem solving, resilience-building.

«We need training for sustainable development not to be a privilege but accessible to all people. The success of the Education for Sustainable Development programme for 2030 will bring us closer to all the SDGs» said German Chancellor Angela Merkel in her welcoming address, describing Germany’s broad network of partners working on sustainability at all levels of education and training.

Laurent Fabius, who presided COP21 where the Paris Agreement was sealed, stated the «fight against climate change begins at school.» He recalled commitments in the Paris Agreement to education, and called for increased efforts to improve teacher training on ESD and increase financing. «2021 is the year in which we will overcome the pandemic and embark on a sustainable development model for the future that must include ESD. If we miss this occasion, we will lose decades. This is a race against the clock.”»

The voices of young people were given a platform throughout the Conference, as those leading the call for change so that they can #LearnForOurPlanet.

The adoption of the Berlin Declaration will create momentum for the implementation of ESD for 2030 Roadmap – the framework for this decade of Education for Sustainable Development. Every UNESCO Member State will be asked to create a network of actors who together can implement the ambitious vision for education.

From Berlin, 2021 will provide key opportunities for governments to apply this commitment, including the United Nations Biodiversity Conference (COP 15) and the United Nations Climate Change Conference (COP26) in Glasgow.

ESDfor2030: UNESCO-Japan Prize

Since 2015, the UNESCO-Japan Prize on Education for sustainable development recognizes the role of education in connecting the different dimensions of sustainable development.

The Prize honours outstanding projects by institutions and organizations related to Education for Sustainable Development.

The 2021 call for nominations is open until 30 April 2021. All the information about the selection criteria, the nomination process, Prize Statutes and the International Jury are available on UNESCO website.

To know more about the Prize, read here.

Education for achieving Sustainable Development Goals

The UNESCO World Conference on Education for Sustainable Development (17-19 May 2021) is organized by UNESCO in cooperation with and supported by the Federal Ministry of Education and Research of Germany, and with the German Commission for UNESCO as advisory partner.

This year the Conference wants to address the challenges the climate crisis and Covid-19 brought to the attention and equip learners with knowledge, skills, values and attitudes needed to contribute to a more sustainable world. In 2017, ESD (Education for Sustainable Development) was recognized by UN General Assembly as an integral element of the SDGs on quality education and a key enabler of all the other SDGs.

The goal of the Conference is to create a momentum for the new framework ESD for 2030 (that focuses on streamlining ESD with Agenda 2030) to achieve the SDGs within the next 10 years and to build education systems that support learners of all ages to be responsible and active contributors to more sustainable societies and a healthy planet.

The Conference will take place on a participatory online platform. The format of the virtual Conference will include interactive plenaries for debate and dialogue and concurrent sessions for in-depth discussion, online-workshops, virtual exhibitions and digital networking opportunities. Interaction will be key to the whole programme in order to provide a learning experience for all.

Further information on participation and how to register for the Conference will be soon available on UNESCO website.

In preparation of the UNESCO World Conference on ESD, you can participate to the pre-conference workshops to April 2021.