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Inaugural Speaking 4 the Planet competition ignites environmental passion in Africa

Africa witnessed a groundbreaking event as the inaugural Speaking 4 the Planet competition took center stage, hosted by St Mark’s College, Namagoma.

This momentous occasion marked a pivotal step in igniting environmental consciousness across the continent.

The competition, held under the theme “Use your philosophy as a club to address environmental challenges,” brought together eleven clubs, each presenting a compelling array of speeches, creative arts, and visual representations advocating for environmental preservation.


Event highlights:

Under the meticulous guidance of judges Jackie, John Paul, and Arnold, participants showcased their talents across three categories:

  1. Speech: Students delivered impassioned addresses, both junior and senior, highlighting the urgency of environmental conservation within a strict four-minute timeframe.
  2. Creative Arts: Clubs exhibited their creativity through dance, skits, or poetry, each performance limited to four minutes.
  3. Art Piece: A visually captivating aspect where participants articulated the essence of their artwork within a concise one-minute presentation.

Inspiration and dedication:

Leading the charge in organizing this transformative event was Bruno Muyunga, an environmental activist and IT specialist at St Mark’s College, Namagoma. Muyunga’s unwavering commitment stemmed from a deep-seated passion for protecting the environment, fueled by his childhood experiences of witnessing the natural world.

Attending the 12th World Environmental Education Congress in Abu Dhabi served as a catalyst for Muyunga, reinforcing the imperative for environmental education and awareness. Inspired by the global discourse on sustainability, he resolved to spearhead initiatives aimed at nurturing a generation equipped to safeguard the planet.

Impact and future prospects

The Speaking 4 the Planet competition transcended mere rhetoric, serving as a catalyst for tangible action and advocacy. By engaging diverse stakeholders and fostering dialogue on environmental stewardship, the event illuminated the path towards a more sustainable future.

As the winner, the Science Club emerged triumphant, symbolizing a collective commitment to environmental preservation.

Their prize, a symbolic goat, epitomized the profound connection between humanity and nature, underscoring the responsibility entrusted upon future generations.

Looking ahead, St Mark’s College, Namagoma, sets the stage for the next chapter in Africa’s environmental journey, with plans to host future iterations of the Speaking 4 the Planet competition. Through collective endeavor and unwavering determination, the seeds of change sown today promise a greener, more resilient tomorrow.


The success of the Speaking 4 the Planet competition would not have been possible without the invaluable support of collaborating partners, including the Sutherland Shire Environment Centre, AAEE, Paddy Pallin, and the WEEC Secretariat. Their unwavering commitment to environmental advocacy exemplifies the spirit of collective action and solidarity in safeguarding our planet.

As the curtains close on this inaugural event, Africa stands poised on the precipice of a new environmental awakening. The journey towards sustainability beckons, with each step forward guided by the shared vision of a harmonious coexistence between humanity and the natural world.

Call for ideas. African Youth Platform for Climate

As part of African Youth Platform for Climate initiative, a call was launched to choose the best ideas and projects of young start-ups in environment and climate fields.

Selected candidates will benefit from a 6 months incubation program to support their project and bring them to maturity.

Here you can find the Incubation Program

The African Youth Climate Hub is an initiative to respond to and amplify the voices and action of Youth, starting with African Youth. It aims to be a positive space for exchange and concrete support for young Africans both in terms of skills and knowledge and in terms of entrepreneurship and job opportunities. To learn more about them, visit their website.

Here you can submit your project 

This initiative is a formal partnership between the Mohammed VI Foundation for Environmental Protection, the YOUNGO (Children and Youth Constituency to United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change), OCP Group and University Mohammed VI Polytechnic . Additional partners are welcome, in particular African based partners for the initial African phase of this initiative.


Let’s talk about education

Wednesday 20th January at 5 PM – 5.45 PM (Montreal local time)

During this webinar Parlons d’éducation (Let’s talk about education), Lucie Sauvé, WEEC Advisory Board member and associated professor at UQAM didactic Department, will answer Martin Duquette questions, deputy general director of CSSPI (Centre de services scolaire de la Pointe-de-l’Ille) about environmental education.

You can follow the event live at this page facebook.com/uqamdiplomes/

To participate you just have to register at event on Facebook or LinkedIn

This activity is organized by the Bureau des diplômés of Quebec University in Montreal in collaboration with the Conseil de diplômés of Environmental Science Faculty.

For further information: https://diplomes.uqam.ca/55-a-l-agenda/1093-parlons-d-education