European Natura 2000 Award: Call for top conservation initiatives open

The European Natura 2000 Award rewards excellence in the management of Natura 2000 sites and showcases the added value of the network for local communities and economies across the European Union. Read More

The Manifesto for Environmental Education in Europe

Support the manifesto for EESD in Europe! ­­Environmental education towards sustainable development (EESD) is a necessity. There’s a wide acknowledgement about that on several European and International papers. Recently, the Paris Agreement resulting from the CoP21 dedicates its conclusions on the World Wide View global debate, which involved 10,000 people from 76 countries and places… Read More

European Manifesto EEDD – Educating for the Environment and Sustainable Development – 2015

Environmental education towards Sustainable Development (EESD) is a necessity. Several European and international official texts recognize it from a long time and encourage l member countries to take action. The very recent United Nations Summit on Sustainable Development in 2015 (25-27 / 9/2015) further states this in its Objective 4, on Education: “By 2030, ensure… Read More