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China: Gunter Pauli named one of the Nation’s best science teachers

The Xinhua News Agency announced the 10 best science teachers of China.  Gunter Pauli, one of the most influencer speaker at WEEC Congress, famous all around the world for his books and lectures, has been recognized as one of the Nation’s best science teachers (first time for a foreigner).

“Gunter’s Fables” are remarkably popular, and the production each year of 36 additional fables has offered a continuous flow of inspiration to teachers and children alike.
«Remember perhaps I have an agreement to publish 365 fables, I have already written 306 and the Chinese Government already published 216 – said Mr Pauli – Over the past 7 years I have taught 35,000 teachers and have spoken to more than 300,000 students. These model  classes have become so popular that the Government decided that within a decade these classes will have been presented in each and every province … by me in person».

It was just last November 2 that Alibaba and the Government awarded Gunter Pauli the “Best Education on Nature” award.  «What an honor to be recognized  now for the science education – he commented –  After all this is exactly what we need “be inspired by Nature” and ensure that we transform society for the better based on innovative science».