A week camping to fight the climate crisis

From the 25th to the 29th of July Turin (Italy) hosted the Climate Social Camp, an international event that sees the participation of movements, collectives and activists from all over the world Read More

September 20-27: a week for the future

Fridays for future: a week of international mobilization, for the future and for climate justice. The WEEC Network is at their side Read More

Women, young and middle class for the climate

All our landmarks are being turned upside down. We must no longer seek to look at the old sage to find the way, we must instead look for the young schoolgirl on a sit-alone strike in the cold. We must no longer seek princes, if they have not already, there are none, it is in the middle classes that are those who save us. Read More

Friday for Future, we need to start right now

“Sing for the Climate” is a major singing event that took place in Belgium in 2012. More than 80 thousand people took to the streets in 180 cities in Belgium. All together they sang the song “Do it now”, urging politicians to take more ambitious climate measures. The notes of “Bella Ciao” invite everyone to open their eyes and act. Now. Read More

Fridays for future. Alongside young people all over the world

The WEEC World Environmental Education Network adheres to Fridays for Future by providing its information channels and offices. March 15th mobilization day against the climate catastrophe. From the WEEC Secretary General Mario Salomone an appeal to join. Read More