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Sustainable practices in 30 Islamic finance institutions

The Responsible Finance & Investment Summit 2018 concluded with the release by the RFI Foundation of a report about Islamic financial institutions’ perceptions and actions on their environmental and social impacts. «The report includes a detailed survey of over 30 Islamic financial institutions’ sustainable finance practices – says Blake Goud, CEO, RFI Foundation – The survey finds growing awareness that Islamic finance has an ethical mandate to address social and environmental impacts linked to the activities they finance. The results of a survey, coupled with an examination of more than 30 case studies from Islamic finance and within Muslim majority countries finds that key challenges on implementation, building internal and external stakeholder awareness about the financial impact of environmental and social issues, and highlight the need for greater capacity building within the Islamic finance ecosystem».

The survey results are incorporated into some recommendations and conclusions including:
– Development well-structured strategies and enhanced policies for environmental and social issues within Islamic financial institutions including incentive programs tied to social and environmental outcomes;
– Greater consideration of how awqaf (perpetual endowments) can be mobilized in support of sustainable infrastructure, education, healthcare, food security, renewable energy, and water management, among others
– Training employees and management in Islamic financial institutions to enhance their focus on environmental and social issues in their business decision-making process, including a more proactive role for Shari’ah scholars on sustainable business practices.

Marseille, Global Responsibility, now

Global Responsibility, now ” is organized from 14-18 May 2018, by Kedge Business School in collaboration with the Globally Responsible Leadership Initiative (GRLI) and the Conférence des Grandes Ecoles (CGE) in Marseille, France. During this week, networks and initiatives from around the globe – local student organizations, regional interest groups, international partnerships and UN-level initiatives – will convene to move towards accelerating systemic impact.

For many years, the responsibility of higher education & learning institutions for building a sustainable world has been highlighted. All over the world, faculty, administrators, learning facilitators and students have developed initiatives at local, regional and international levels to help transform society, business and education. These initiatives have generated positive energy and goodwill, inspired further actions and innovations and led to undeniable progress. However the collective impact of these initiatives still somehow falls short of the deep transformation required at individual and collective level to make the change sustainable.

Networks and initiatives from around the globe, with representation at various levels – local student organisations, regional interest groups, international partnerships and UN-level initiatives – will convene 14-18 May and move towards accelerating systemic impact. The event will also work to strengthen and accelerate the global partnership for sustainable development with a specific emphasis on SDG 17.

The Sulitest Conference (15th May) is one of the highlights scheduled during the first days of the event. It’s focus is to gather for the first time all major players of the Sulitest community: university full players, partners, companies, regional chapters (RNEC), our advisory board and administrative council.

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