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Balkan: from a War Massacre Site to a Sustainable School

The elementary school Vladimir Nazor, in Croatia, is now “The Blue Economy Happy School “.

It took three years between the formulation of the idea and the reality. Students, parents and the school leadership wanted to overcome once and for all the traumas inflicted by the Balkan War by transforming their dilapi dated building into an example from which the world can learn.

Their project proposal received in 2018 the Sustainability Prize of the Emirate-based Foundation honoring Sheikh Zayed, the Founder of the United Arab Emirates. The $100,000 award money kickstarted a revolutionary transformation that mobilized a total of €700,000 thanks to additional support from the Zadar County and the European Union.

Now a 30 kW solar power plant supplies electricity for LED lighting and solar backpacks can be used by students on field trips. An ultrafast, super-secure and energy saving internet operates on light (LiFi), the first in Croatia and one of the first in Europe. An electric vehicle powered by the solar provides for all transport needs for the school, especially the kitchen. When the school is closed for weekends and holidays then all power is distributed to the local community.

Leonarda Skara

Students are now proud of their school, an infrastructure that was first built in 1876. They wish to create a portfolio of new businesses, securing a future for their community that already harbors the largest organic olive orchard in Croatia. They do not wait to take initiative after graduation and created a student cooperative “Maslina” selling olive oil from the school gardens. Now they are ready to convert the 30 kg of clippings per tree into 15 kg of mushrooms generating more income and job opportunities.  “We want to have a future right here at home” commented Leonarda Skara who went to Abu Dhabi to collect the Prize and who is leading the students in their enthused transformation of the war torn region.

The success story of the Vladimir Nazor Elementary and Middle School in Škabrnja will serve as an inspiration for all village schools around the world demonstrating that a new future is possible even when the dramas of the past are hard to accept nor forget. A video documenting this transformation will be translated into five UN languages and will be distributed through a video and text to the global network of Zayed Sustainability Prize schools.

”The Ministry of Science and Education is happy that the students and employees of the Vladimir Nazor Elementary School, from the small Zadar municipality of Škabrnja, demonstrated their resolve to embrace the future”, said Vesna Šerepac, Director of Education at the Ministry of Science and Education. The inauguration ceremony was attended by Prof. Gunter Pauli, known as “The Steve Jobs of Sustainability” representing The Zayed Sustainabilty Prize where he serves as a member of the committee; the Prefect of Zadar County Božidar Longin; Prof Ivan Šimuni Head of Education for Zadar county; and Darko Parić CARNET Public Administration co operation advisor.

100 Questions in 100 Pages, a free book from Gunter Pauli

Gunter Pauli, the founder of ZERI (Zero Emission Research and Initiatives) and the Blue Economy, invites everyone to reflect and ask questions, starting with those of his book “100 Questions in 100 Pages”. An invitation to question the origins and implications of this virus and to understand how to overcome the crisis, together, by using confrontation. A declaration of love to stimulate debates and change. The book is freely downloadable from the site in English, French, Italian, Spanish.
Written in less than a month to launch a challenge to all humanity, Gunter Pauli’s book invites you to think, ask questions and reflect, to be able to build a truly better world together, and try to understand how to evolve, how to get out of this crisis and what to do next.
Can radio frequencies wake up viruses that nearly 40% of all adults in the world have in their bodies? Should we cure symptoms or build up defense mechanisms? And why does simply asking questions generate such aggressive attacks? Additionally, what does freedom of speech have to do with health-care policies? How can we use the greatest infrastructure available on earth to reach everyone? What if all that is required is a light bulb? And is there a chance to transform the economy into a happier and healthier one? Here are some of the questions that Pauli asks himself in the book and how to get out of the chaos in which we are.

China: Gunter Pauli named one of the Nation’s best science teachers

The Xinhua News Agency announced the 10 best science teachers of China.  Gunter Pauli, one of the most influencer speaker at WEEC Congress, famous all around the world for his books and lectures, has been recognized as one of the Nation’s best science teachers (first time for a foreigner).

“Gunter’s Fables” are remarkably popular, and the production each year of 36 additional fables has offered a continuous flow of inspiration to teachers and children alike.
«Remember perhaps I have an agreement to publish 365 fables, I have already written 306 and the Chinese Government already published 216 – said Mr Pauli – Over the past 7 years I have taught 35,000 teachers and have spoken to more than 300,000 students. These model  classes have become so popular that the Government decided that within a decade these classes will have been presented in each and every province … by me in person».

It was just last November 2 that Alibaba and the Government awarded Gunter Pauli the “Best Education on Nature” award.  «What an honor to be recognized  now for the science education – he commented –  After all this is exactly what we need “be inspired by Nature” and ensure that we transform society for the better based on innovative science».

YRE: an interview to Gunter Pauli at 10WEEC

When we were about to leave the conferance hall, we heard someone talking enthusiastically. We sat back to our seats. It didn’t take much time of the speaker to catch our attention. He was Gunter Pauli the author of the book The Blue Economy. We would like to share some highligting points from his speech.

“Tell the people three-minutes stories , they will ask for more.”

Everyone loves stories if we turn the most difficult scientific subjets into stories by using childhood games that we all played outdoor. Childrens mustn’t lose their fantasy . We need this fantasy to move to a vision. Plus, science should be solid. We can use children toys and games to make science concrete for them. For example we can use kites to teach gravity and ascending force.

“Now it’s time to sell the diplomas.”

We should stop whatever we are doing today because it seems that it doesn’t work as we can’t save the world as we don’t have any sustainability to the economy with old industrial errors of which the worst is the education. Because we still have mind control at schools. The biggest industry today is selling diplomas. We don’t need to be there; we should change whatever we are doing today.

“We should shift from green economy to blue economy”.

After his speech, we had a chance to talk about his book, The Blue Economy, which was translated into 34 languages. In his book he claims that green economy doesn’t work. Moreover, it is expensive as it doesn’t use what we have in nature. Sustainable economy requires new methods; blue economy which is cheap and responses to the people’s needs by using what we have in nature. We must benefit from our oceans and seas.

YRE Turkey in WEEC 2019 Thailand
By İrem Yılmaz & Mehmet Ardan