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Resolving Environmental Threats for the Benefit of Humanity, conference in Korea

The Twenty-Sixth International Conference on the Unity of the Sciences (ICUS XXVI) will be held in Seoul (Korea) on February 3 – 5. The main theme will be Resolving Environmental Threats for the Benefit of Humanity.

Mario Salomone, Secretary General of the WEEC Network is one of the speakers. The theme of his speech will be about Educating the Public in Environmental Best Practices.

The conference is organised by the HJIFUS, the Hyo Jeong International Foundation for the Unity of the Sciences. HJIFUS engages in research on the environmental ailments of Earth. As the Foundation has connections to many world level organizations, it is well-positioned to spread innovative ideas and best practices to leaders. HJIFUS institutions around the world work together to cosponsor international conferences and projects.

The mission of HJIFUS is to protect and regenerate the health of the environment, thereby enhancing the well-being of humanity and all life on Earth.

To do this, HJIFUS will identify environmental threats and their causes. The Foundation conducts research on solutions to the environmental problems directly or through partnering entities. After best solutions are identified, HJIFUS supports their implementation in areas of the world facing environmental challenges.