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Sustainability master’s programs at RISD

The Rhode Island School of Design is launching two new Masters Programs in 2018 in the fields of Global Arts and Cultures and Nature–Culture–Sustainability Studies. Emphasizing theoretical grounding, deep inquiry and self-directed research, these programs equip graduates to become hybrid thinkers who will bring critica

Students in RISD’s Nature–Culture–Sustainability Studies MA program develop scholarly expertise in the rapidly evolving field of interdisciplinary environmental studies. Working closely with faculty experts in the environmental humanities and social sciences, they embark on self-directed pathways of research in focus areas such as Anthropocene studies, climate change cultures, green urbanisms and sustainable design futures.

The graduate program on Nature-Culture-Sustainability Studies will combine political ecology and environmental social and political theory with engagements Anthropocene studies, eco-design, socio-technical transitions, climate change cultures and beyond. Hence it may be of interest to your undergraduate students who are looking for a more interdisciplinary environmental studies context for graduate work that can engage more fully with the politics of culture, art and design.

For information on each individual Masters program can be found here.