Air crash: environmentalism cries its victims

Among the victims of the Ethiopian Airlines disaster many delegates directed to the Fourth Assembly of the United Nations on Environment in Nairobi. The condolences of the WEEC Read More

Meeting of the Mediterranean Wetlands Committee

The French Ministry of Ecology hosted the 12th Meeting of the Mediterranean Wetlands Committee in Paris on 7-10 February 2016. 

The meeting brought together government officials, national and international organizations, and wetland experts from 24 Mediterranean countries to discuss and adopt a Framework for Action 2016-2030 « Wetlands for Sustainable Development in the Mediterranean Region ». The Framework for Action has been designed as an early contribution to helping countries to achieve some of the Sustainable Development Goals approved by the United Nations in September 2015. It is expected that with an active engagement of the Mediterranean countries and the donor community, by 2030 well-managed wetlands will have made a significant contribution to the well-being of people in the region and to the effective functioning of the natural systems.

You can find here more information about the Official launching of the Framework for Action 2016-2030 (with MedWet/Com 12 press release & pictures). It is also available the Closing speech from Acting Secretary General of the Ramsar Convention, closure of the MedWet/Com12, and the album of the MedWet/Com 12. 

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