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Publication opportunities at the academic journal Éducation relative à l’environnement : Regards – Recherches – Réflexions

Potrebbe essere un'immagine raffigurante il seguente testo "Éducation relative al'environnement Regards Recherches- Réflexions REVUE ERE Publication de recherche Vol. 16-2 Numéro non thématique Varia VOLUME 16-2"

The academic journal “ Éducation relative à l’environnement : Regards – Recherches – Réflexions ” is open to publishing articles that have been presented at the Prague Congress – WEEC Network 2022. As the journal is French-speaking, the proposed articles must be submitted in French (or translated into French) and respect our publication guidelines. As the papers selected for this conference have been subjected to a rigorous selection process, authors can send their paper directly to us. Each paper is peer-reviewed.

Papers related to the Congress may be included in the Varia issue of the journal which will be published at the end of 2022. Articles should be sent to before May 10, 2022. As this will be a Varia issue and not a thematic issue, an editorial could contextualize the Congress publications. This editorial could be written in French by a WEEC official.

In addition, the journal is classified as category 1 by the High Council for the Evaluation of Research and Higher Education in France. It is freely available on the OPenEdition platform – https://journals.openedition.org/ere/ | https://journals.openedition.org/ere/4532

 For more information : revue.ere@uqam.ca