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A call for workshops: 17th Congress on Environmental Education (ERE) 2021

The Quebec Association for the Promotion of Environmental Education (AQPERE)  announces the 17th conference on environmental education (ERE). The event will take place online on November 19, 2021.

The organizing committee invites the actors and actresses of the ERE to submit proposals for workshops falling under the theme of the colloquium “A healthy world! Issues for environmental education”.

Submit your workshop by 31 May 2021

Appel de propositions d’ateliers – Colloque AQPERE 2021

For information: communications@aqpere.qc.ca

Quebec coalition for environmental education and ecocitizenship

The Coalition Education – Environment – Ecocitizenship is a group of organizations and individuals mobilized to stimulate the institutionalization and the full deployment of an environmental and eco-citizenship education in the Quebec society, both in communities formal education than in non-formal educational contexts.
This strategy is the result of the work of a collective of actors from 57 institutions and organizations of our educational society, aware of the need to vigorously promote the role of environmental education and eco-citizenship in Quebec.
The Coalition was structured within the framework of the work of a partnership platform set up by the research center in education and training related to the environment and eco-citizenship of UQAM. In order to contribute to the vast socio-ecological transformation that is required in our society, the Coalition pursues a twofold mission:
– Promote the advancement of environmental education and eco-citizenship in Quebec by bringing together the actors of the various sectors concerned and by democratically developing a concerted action to this end.
– Promoting the adoption and implementation of a Québec Environmental Education Strategy in the public space and with the various decision-making bodies in the fields of education, the environment and associated fields and eco-citizenship, which is reflected in public policy elements, accompanied by structuring action plans.

Given the collective and political nature of the mission, objectives and actions of the Coalition, the following principles must be respected:
– Adopt a democratic, coherent and concerted mode of operation; in this sense, any initiative taken on behalf of the Coalition should be shared, discussed and validated by the Coordination Committee before being carried out;
– Recognize and respect the right of dissent or reserve for certain actions or speeches that will not result in consensus; each initiative of the Coalition will result in a consultation of members to this effect;
– When speaking publicly on behalf of the Coalition, ensure that the statements in the Strategy are properly expressed, and that the Coalition’s approach is not partisan.

Statuts_Coalition Éducation Environnement Ecocitoyenneté

Stratégie (Détaillée) 2 avril 2018

Stratégie (Sommaire) 2 avril 2018