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Centr’ERE and UQAM: various courses for anyone concerned with environmental education

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The University of Quebec in Montreal (UQAM) offers professional development courses allowing teachers, teachers as well as any member of the school staff to complete their training on a theme or in a specific area. 

DDD 8532 Secondary Environmental Education course

The DDD 8532 Secondary Environmental Education course is aimed at practicing secondary school teachers who are aligned with the reality of their practice.  

This is a 3-credit graduate program and the course is taken over two academic sessions.  

A first experimental cohort will start in January 2022.  

See the detailed course description. 

For more information: boelen.virginie@uqam.ca 

Consult the information document of the Faculty of Education at UQAM 

To register: education.formationcontinue@uqam.ca 

Deadline: December 1, 2021 

Short Program in Environmental Education

Another project is the Short Program in Environmental Education. This training is intended for anyone concerned with the integration of environmental, education and citizenship issues. It focuses on the development of skills in the design, animation and management of education and training projects relating to the environment in different intervention settings: at school, in the community, in business, in the media, parks, museums, interpretation centers, in the context of international cooperation, etc. 

The student is invited to explore the multiple dimensions of an education centered on the relationship with the environment by examining in particular its importance and its meaning for human development and social transformations. 

Admission deadline: December 1, 2021 

For more information: ere.uqam.ca 

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