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9th WEEC, My Experience

The Young Reporters for Environment, from the Izmir Saint-Joseph Fernch High School  (Turkey) attended the 9th WEEC in Vancouver (Canada) and now they present their experience.

This event is my most beautiful international experience. Conference was really good and I’m very proud of being one of the numbered young reporters. The conference went well and in the presentation moment we were in the focal point. Everybody liked our project and they supported us because everybody wants the youth understand the importance and work for environmental problems. And also everybody liked YRE and when we said there are more than 250.000 youngster like us in the 35 countries, all of our listeners were full of hope for the future of our world and they were pleased. After the presentation I met with lots of important lecturers, professors and nature scientist. Some ecological educators have very important projects for their countries.

One of the most important lecturer invited us for a conference in Australia. She is the team leader for cleaning the most polluted area in Australia. I saw that every person in conference from any age from anywhere is curious about environmental problems, they do research and write some articles. That made me happy. The feeling of made our families proud, representing our school and our country is the most honorable thing in my life. I know that the future is on our hands. And if we behave responsibly to protect the environment and work for sustainable living conditions the world can be a better place to live.


From Izmir Saint-Joseph Fernch High School /TURKEY

Canada joins CleanSeas campaign to combat plastic pollution in the ocean

During the  World Environmental Education Congress the Canadian Government announced a clear commitment to tackle plastic marine debris in the ocean by joining the United Nations CleanSeas campaign.
With approximately 8 million tonnes of plastic ending up in the ocean every year, the CleanSeas campaign is working with governments, the private sector and the general public to phase out the production and consumption of single-use plastics and microbeads within the next five years.
If no action is taken, there could be more plastic than fish in the oceans by 2050.

Canada has the longest coastline in the world and has been at the forefront of international efforts to protect the marine environment. In June, the Canadian Government published the Microbeads in Toiletries Regulations prohibiting the manufacture, import and sale of toiletries used to exfoliate or cleanse that contain plastic microbeads. Canada will contribute to the campaign though initiatives that target pollution prevention, conducting research of the impact of micro plastics in the aquatic environment and biota, and funding community-based programs, including shorefront cleanups.
«Our coastlines are important environmental links to the diversity of life on our planet. For Canadians, they define much of the natural beauty we hold dear. We are firm in our resolve to protect and enhance Canada’s coastlines and its oceans, and to play a leadership role internationally in addressing existing and emerging environmental concerns» said Jonathan Wilkinson, Parliamentary Secretary to the Minister of Environment and Climate Change Canada.
Erik Solheim, head of UN Environment said that «Canada’s continued commitment confirms that we are heading in the right direction with the fight against marine pollution. We look forward to working together to turn the tide on plastic pollution in our oceans».
The CleanSeas campaign recognizes the importance of environmental education and ocean literacy as tools to change knowledge, attitudes and practices with regards to the production and consumption of single use plastics. UN Environment has developed an online executive course on marine litter while programs such as Ocean Wise provide direct learning opportunities reaching about 400,000 people every year.

CleanSeas furthers a critically important message, said John Nightingale, CEO and president of Ocean Wise, one that is in line with the organization’s own mission. “As founder of the Great Canadian Shoreline Cleanup — which sees Canadians clean up shorelines in every territory and province — and now home to a major ocean plastic research laboratory, Ocean Wise applauds Canada’s commitment. We look forward to working even more closely with the Government of Canada across the country and around the world as part of the global UN CleanSeas campaign.”

The CleanSeas campaign also contributes to the goals of the Global Partnership on Marine Litter, a voluntary open-ended partnership for international agencies, governments, businesses, academia, local authorities and non-governmental organizations hosted by UN Environment.

Read more:
CleanSeas campaign’s website
Global partnership on marine litter
Ocean Wise

WEEC 2017 Abstract Submission Extension: April 30th

7WEEC 2013, Marrakech, Morocco

Due to the increasing interest in the upcoming 9th World Environmental Education Congress, the extended abstract deadline is April 30th, 2017 (23:59 PST).

Kindly note that accepted abstracts will be published in a congress proceedings as well as a special issue of the Journal Eco-thinking. Further details will be available shortly.
We warmly invite you to submit as soon as possible your proposal abstract to facilitate the review process.

9WEEC, Call for volunteers

8WEEC Volunteers, photos by Saman Nazari

The Local Organizing Committee of the 9th WEEC 2017 is calling for volunteers to assist and participate during the Congress.
This is a unique opportunity to make a contribution to the community, meet like-minded people as well as the leading experts environmental education.

If you are interested in volunteering at this prestigious Congress, please complete the application questions. Upon confirmation of your availability, you will be provided with a volunteer training manual. To learn more about the roles and how to apply please visit here.

Why should you volunteer? Because ii it a unique opportunity to make a contribution to the community and get an insider’s view on being part of an event.
In return for volunteer services WEEC 2017 gladly offers the following benefits: complimentary beverage during volunteer shifts, complimentary Congress registration after completion of 12 hours of volunteering, a Certificate of Participation.

Volunteer roles include: preparation of Congress Bags, greeter/host for Congress venue, directional assistance at the Congress Venue, session room/speaker podium assistant, registration desk representative, exhibit area and poster session representative.

You are required to commit to a total of 12 hours of volunteering, agree to wear black shoes, pants/skirt and a volunteer T-Shirt (Shirt provided by the Congress), speak fluently in English.

Thank you for your support!

9WEEC 2017, Save the date

The 9th WEEC (World Environmental Education Congress) will be held in Vancouver, Canada, in September 9-15 2017. The title will be Culturenvironment: Weaving new connections

In consideration of themes and programming for the proposed 2017 congress the local organizing committee envisions a broad and inclusive view of topics on environmental and sustainability education that will highlight the impact of urban ecosystems and local, place based initiatives that can be translated into practices on a global scale. Of particular interest is the interplay among cultural and environmental factors which are at play in a region such as British Columbia.

During the Congress will be pursued themes as: Local Outdoor Learning, Greenest City Projects, Place-Based Learning, First Peoples Epistemologies, Urban Ecosystems, Cultural Diversity, Systems Thinking/Complexity, Aesthetics and Artistic Expres, Social Responsibility as Pedagogy, Moral Development and Environmental Ethics, Innovations in Research/Development, Communicating in a Climate of Uncertainty.

See you in Vancouver! Registration is open here

9WEEC, Save up to 20% on travel with Star Alliance Network

The Star Alliance member airlines has been appointed as the Official Airline Network for 9th World Environmental Education Congress in Vancouver (BC, Canada -9 to 15 september 2017).

To obtain the Star Alliance Conventions Plus discounts please visit the online booking tool.

Registered Event participants plus one accompanying person travelling to the Event qualify for a discount of up to 20%, depending on fare and class of travel booked. The Conventions Plus code is applicable for flights to Vancouver, BC from 26-Aug-2017 to 29-Sep-2017.

The following Star Alliance airlines are offering special discounts for travel to/from Japan: Special Offers for Japan are available from: Turkish Airlines, Air New Zealand.

To obtain these discounts for travel to/from Japan please contact the respective Star Alliance member airlines’ booking office. Contact details can be found here under “Conventions Plus Booking Contacts”. Please quote the following Event code AC12S17 for ticket reservation.

Wishes for the 9WEEC Congress

Many organizations and institutions support the WEEC Congress and come the first greetings from those who can not participate directly in the next edition, that to be held in September in Vancouver.
Among these we point out the wishes of Portugal and Switzerland who wrote to the Permanent Secretariat to stress the importance of events such as the WEEC Congress.

Ines Ferreira Alves, Head of Gabinet of the Portugues Ministry of environment writes:
“I do believe that the 9th World Environmental Education Congress, under the trasversal theme Culture/Environment will be a success and will provide a great opportunity to give notice about the importance of the interlinkages between both sectors, issues that have really a universal common and fruitful interst for all”.

And Doris Leuthard, Federal Councillor from the Head of the Federal Department of Environment, Transport, Energy and communication UVEK, Switzerland: “I am convinced that education for the environment is an important task as our economies are turning green and face many political, technical but also behavioral challanges. Such a transition needs the involvement of all the stakeholders and the WEEC congresses contribute to it. I wish you and the organizers the best success in your endeavour to address, in 2017, the interplay between cultural and environmental factors towards sustainable development”.

Adopt a Delegate

The 9th World Environmental Education Congress is proud to introduce the ‘Adopt a Delegate’ initiative, giving prospective delegates from a developed world setting the opportunity to adopt or part finance the registration and accommodation costs of a peer from low-income countries.

Delegates can support other delegates by donating any amount they feel appropriate during their own online registration process. To encourage co-ownership of the project, adopted (sponsored) delegates will carry financial responsibility for return travel to the Congress, while the donated money will be used to help offset costs for registration and/or accommodation.

With this initiative WEEC 2017 hopes to provide additional opportunities and set up a network with researchers and practitioners from all over the world attempting to help the sponsored delegate’s research both now and in the future.

We thank everyone for their support. All ‘sponsors’ will be acknowledged on the Congress website.

Welcome to Vancouver, the next Weec destination

Let’s go to explore Vancouver, the next WEEC congress destination. Vancouver is Canada’s greenest city, according to a 2012 report by the Economist Intelligence Unit. The study, which also placed the city second in North America after San Francisco— but first for CO2 and air quality — praised Vancouver’s low carbon emissions, high number of LEED-certified buildings and the city’s extensive “greenest city” action plan.

Already recognised as having the smallest carbon footprint of any major city in North America, Vancouver mayor Gregor Robertson committed to making this “the world’s greenest city” by 2020. The initiative covers issues of sustainability, liveability and urban planning for residents and businesses and aims to implement programs that will make Vancouver an eco-pioneer and green beacon for communities around the world.


Call for abstracts for 9th Weec

7th WEEC, Marrakech (Morocco) Registration desk

7th WEEC, Marrakech (Morocco) Registration desk

The 9th WEEC (World Environmental Education Congress) will be held in Vancouver, Canada, September 9-15, 2017. The title of the Congress is CulturEnvironment: Weaving new connections. The Organizing Committee for the congress is BC’s Institute for Environmental Learning (IEL) in cooperation with the WEEC Permanent Secretariat.

The deadline for submitting abstracts is March 31st, 2017.

The organizing committee in 2017 will embrace different approaches in both the conceptualization and implementation of EE worldwide.
The theme Culture/Environment focuses on the multidisciplinarity nature of the congress and a developing view that Culture and Environment are inseperable and may even arise from within each other. Such a theme of environmentalism underscores a need to abandon notions that everything is measurable or under human control. The real paradigm of environmental thinking is uncertainty in the ways forward vs. the idea that ‘progress’ is unavoidable. Cultural change is also the necessary condition/requirement to rebuild and reinvent our relation with nature and live sustainably. Therefore, with this call for papers we promote NETWORK/ACTION/COALITION.
WEEC 2017 (Vancouver) will be a congress of Cutural and Environmental mobilization.