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Perth selected as host for 13th World environmental education congress (WEEC) in 2026

The World Environmental Education Congress (WEEC) Permanent Secretariat and the Australian Association of Environmental Education (AAEE) announced Perth as host for the 13th World Environmental Education Congress (WEEC) in 2026.

Following the resounding success of the 12th World Environmental Education Congress (WEEC) held in Abu Dhabi in January and February 2024, the WEEC Permanent Secretariat takes great pride in announcing that Wadjuk Noongar Country – Perth, Western Australia – has been selected as the host city for the 13th WEEC in 2026.

The WEEC Permanent Secretariat will partner with the Australian Association of Environmental Education (AAEE) to bring this premier international congress dedicated to the progression of environmental education and the advancement of education for sustainability worldwide.

“After twelve world congresses, the environmental education community starts a journey towards new goals from Australia”, said Mario Salomone, WEEC Secretary-General. “The environmental approach to the knowledge is a key for a paradigm shift and must be more and more at the centre of the formal and non-formal education. The global project on learning implemented in close collaboration with the Club of Rome will bring to the congress in Perth updated data, inspiring thoughts, and new mindfulness”.

The WEEC serves as a platform for global dialogue, learning, and exchanging ideas on environmental education programs. “The work we are doing in Australasia on environmental education and education for sustainability positions us as a leading destination,” said Dr Lisa Siegel, President of AAEE. “We welcome environmental educators locally and from around the world to attend WEEC 2026 to benefit from international discourse and showcasing best practices.”

AAEE Vice Presidents Dr Jennifer Pearson and Mr Jason Pitman, both in Western Australia, will co-chair the organising committee for the 13th WEEC. “We are thrilled to showcase Western Australia’s rich environmental and cultural heritage to delegates from around the world,” said Dr Pearson. “From sustainable initiatives in early learning to the growing impact of place-based education efforts, the 13th WEEC presents a unique opportunity to share our knowledge and learn from our global counterparts.”

“The 13th WEEC in 2026 will facilitate stronger connections between countries in the Oceania region and beyond,” added Mr Pitman. “By sharing our responses to the climate crisis and exchanging international perspectives on living more sustainably, we aim to foster collaboration and galvanise collective action in the global community.”


Information and updates

For further information and updates on the 13th WEEC 2026, please visit:

www.weecnetwork.org or www.aaee.org.au

Alternatively, please get in touch with the Local Organising Committee via:

Dr Jennifer Pearson, Co-chair, jopearson189@gmail.com

Mr Jason Pitman, Co-Chair, jason.j.pitman@gmail.com

And with the international Permanent Secretariat:


13th WEEC2026: the Call for bids is open!

Who will be the host of the 13th WEEC in 2026?

The Call for Bids to submit the application is open and the deadline to submit the application is 30th September 2022.

The Permanent Secretariat would like to remind you that only the public or private non-profit organizations (universities, foundations, associations, …) can apply the candidacy of their own country as the seat of the 13th WEEC in 2026.

The candidatures will be assessed mostly according to the following criteria:

1. Having preferably close relationships with the WEEC congresses and the Network in the past, and, in any case, joining the Network and endorsing its mission, vision and strategy.
2. Guaranteeing the quality of the contents and the cultural project of the Congress, in continuity and total agreement with the heritage and the spirit of previous Congresses and in close cooperation with the Permanent Secretariat that will supervise and co-chair the congress.
3. Designing the final call for the congress and the programme according to the guidelines and the advice of the Secretariat and the International Socio-Scientific Committee established by the Secretariat.
4. Demonstrating they have relevant experience in the field of environmental education.
5. Demonstrating they have adequate experience in organizing events at local, national, regional, and international levels.
6. Demonstrating they have adequate congress facilities.
7. Demonstrating they are skilled in creating networks at different levels and getting various institutions and organizations (national authorities, local institutions, Higher, Secondary and Primary education institutions, parks, museums, NGOs, mass media, etc.) to be involved in the organization and participation to the Congress.
8. Demonstrating their ability to ensure broad national and international participation at the Congress.
9. Engaging to strengthen the WEEC International Network, inter alia by allocating a budget for the network’s activities.
10. Demonstrating they can mobilize the necessary resources at the local and national level (and possibly at the regional and international level as well) to guarantee the financial sustainability of the Congress.
11. Demonstrating their commitment to contain the costs of participation to the Congress and facilitate the participation of people from disadvantaged countries or categories (e.g. young people and students), by reducing the costs of participation and overnight stays as much as possible.
12. Engaging to offer sponsorships to an adequate number of delegates from developing countries (if the bidder is in a developed country).
13. Guaranteeing the cultural diversity and facilitating participation, also thanks to the use of several languages as English, French and Spanish at least both for the web site and during the Congress.
14. Guaranteeing the ecological consistency of the Congress by taking every measure to minimize the ecological/carbon footprint of the event and assuring its socio and eco-sustainability both as venues and as other aspects (i.e. accommodation, social program outside, and so on).
15. Accepting the time schedule proposed by the Permanent Secretariat.

The winner will be assigned indicatively by 31st December 2022.
The official announcement of the 13th WEEC will be at 12th WEEC 2024 in Abu Dhabi, on 1st February 2024

Please ask for the official application form to: secretariat@weecnetwork.org
or download it here:

Call for bids_2026

WEEC 2026_application form