Speaking 4 the Planet

10 Year Anniversary Evaluation 2013 – 2022

Speaking 4 the Planet is an Arts-based competition for young people. It invites participants to express themselves and their ideas about a sustainable world through the following modes:
• Speaking (prepared and impromptu)
• Drama (impromptu)
• Art (prepared and impromptu)
• Writing (prepared and impromptu)
• Video
• Memes
• Performance poetry
• Song

Originating in 2013 at The Jannali High School in Sydney, Australia, as an initiative for high school students, S4P has evolved to include primary schools (Kids 4 the Planet), universities and adults (Adults 4 Planet A). Ten years after its birth, these elements emerge:


  1. Increased student confidence and competence in speaking up. They describe themselves as ‘advocates’.
  2. Helped students take on leadership roles.
  3. Increased environmental awareness and activity at schools. Participation has stimulated school-based environmental education initiatives.
  4. Inspired whole-school involvement in preparation for the competitions held at schools.
  5. Expanded understanding of the social, political and economic elements of sustainability – not just the environment.
  6. Established local networks of students. ‘We learn that we are not alone,’ said one concerned student.


  1. Increased teacher awareness and pedagogical changes, including increased integration and connections to multiple curriculum areas.
  2. Increased awareness of the connections between sustainability and core competencies.


  1. Improved relations between schools and local councils, businesses, and NGOs.
  2. Increased appreciation of the role of the Arts in sustainability and in bringing about change.
  3. Created public speaking and employment opportunities outside of school: Toastmasters, local councils, community events, AGMs, youth events.
  4. Influenced the World Environmental Education Congress Secretariat to hold youth events with their biennial conferences.
  5. Provided artworks for used in climate action campaigns and marches.


Speaking 4 the Planet will continue to be available for use as an education initiative highly effective in raising awareness, improving pedagogy, inspiring action, building networks, and influencing individual choices and broader policies.
S4P will continue to evolve and adapt to need and interest. In the near future, S4P will include these elements:
• Competitions for university students
• Global competitions
• Competitions for adults and community organisations

If you are interested in finding out how you can adapt the S4P initiative for your audience and purpose, please contact Phil on phil@speaking4theplanet.org.au

Please find links to two videos done by 7yr old students to support the use of a WED theme and SDG 4 in the conduct of sustainability and arts competitions in Sydney:

Only One Earth

• Education for All