Campus, casa, cidade: laboratories of change

The course, with a calendar distributed from March to June, includes lectures, theoretical-practical training sessions, field work and monitored and autonomous field works. It combines individual and group work. Read More

RESCLIMA international seminar: Education for climate change

The registration period is open, as well as for the submission of proposals to present communications and posters. The deadline is the next March 15. Read More

Animals at Risk from Climate Change Poster

“Animals at Risk from Climate Change” is an educational poster for environmental and earth science educators Read More

COP22 international climate change conference. Informal consultations kick off in Skhirat

Two days of informal consultations took place in Rabat, Morocco on 9 September, 2016. Invited by the Moroccan incoming Presidency of the 22nd Conference of the Parties (COP22/CMP12)140 delegates and climate negotiators from over 50 countries kicked off the closed-door meeeting to advance on discussions around key issues. The opening session to the two-day closed-door consultations… Read More

Nature based Solutions at the Mediterranean Climate Change Conference

The MedCOP Climate 2016, 18- 19 July 2016, is organized by the Region of Tanger-Tétouan-AlHoceima. It gathered representatives from Mediterranean countries, including the private sector, civil society, and regional and international organizations. The conference is a milestone for the Mediterranean countries to discuss the Paris Agreement adopted in December 2015, while preparing for the upcoming COP22… Read More

Union for Mediterranean (UfM) Climate Change Expert Group gathers in Paris

The COP21 triggered special momentum for tackling climate change globally. All the UfM Member States signed the Paris Agreement in New York on 22 April 2016 and they are now preparing for the COP22 in Marrakech in November 2016. As part of this preparation, the French Ministry for Environment, Energy and the Sea, and COP21… Read More

Climate change 2015

In the Fall of 2014, the association “Paris Education 2015” wrote a position paper entitled “Paris Climate 2015: Let’s Also Talk About Education.” As a result, the French Government, and in particular the Ministry of National Education, designated a Thematic Day to discuss education for sustainable development during the COP21 that will take place in Paris in December 2015.
The text below serves as a proposal, so that, in accordance with their respective governments, Ministries of Education gathered in Paris during the conference on Climate Change:
– Express and affirm the significant role education can play in the transition towards sustainable development.
– Decide to build the necessary mechanisms to accelerate an educational transition by dedicating a significant part of carbon commerce and taxation to this project.
– Create a national and international legal framework to share revenues generated by greenhouse gases.
To reach these goals, we hope to obtain a maximum of signatories for this memorandum and give it more punch in order to influence decision makers.
We would be honored to count you as a signatory who would participate in this adventure towards a necessary change in education as a tool to fight against climate disturbance.
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For signing the text, the form is at this address. Thank you for sharing it as widely as possible


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