Better Ocean Data for a Better Environment with SOFAR Ocean

The Ocean is key to our life. It regulates the climate system, it produces more than 70% of the oxygen we breathe thanks to sea plants and provides us food. For these reasons, it’s very important to get to know it better in order to protect it and to manage it in a more sustainable way.

A company from San Francisco, SOFAR Ocean has a clear mission: “We connect the world’s oceans to provide insights to science, society, and industry for a more sustainable planet”.

The main goal of the company is to create data-abundant ocean to raise awareness of the risks connected to climate change, to generate a better understanding of the ocean environment and contribute to a more sustainable planet. They developed a real-time ocean weather sensor network, inspired to the way marine mammals communicate, which is able to provide data, information and forecasts about marine weather .

According to A. Reynard, writer of the article “Mitigating Climate Change: It Starts With Better Ocean Data”,  better ocean data are fundamental. The ocean has a key role in mitigating the effects of human emissions, but now this is resulting in rising sea levels, acidification and extreme weather events.

To mitigate these effects and reduce our carbon footprint we need more affordable and open data and a unified approach.

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