Five steps to reduce your ecological footprint during the 10WEEC

Food, water, waste, CO2 emissions, paper. What you can do to reduce your ecological footprint during the 10WEEC. Remember to adopt all the suggestions! Read More

Water conservation and reuse: a key to a sustainable education

Prof. Abidelfatah Nasser, from Beitberl College of Education, Israel and Water Weec promote a roundtable on Water conservation and reuse Read More

Discover the panelists at 10WEEC: Robert Brian Shutes

Dr. Robert Brian Shutes, from UK, is an expert in water pollution. His topic at the congress will be “Wetlands for Water Pollution Control: A multi-faceted paradigm for Environmental Education” Read More

Samira Benabdallah confirmed as keynote speaker at 10WEEC

The Director of the Center for Environmental Education (CEE) of the Mohammed VI Foundation for the Protection of the Environment (Morocco), Ms Samira Benabdallah, will be at 10WEEC as keynote speaker Read More

The stakes of interaction: Coastal urbanization and marine protection

The 7th WEEC will have room also for the sea. All stakeholders engaged in EE focused on the sea are invited to attend the congress and to submit proposals. The 7th WEEC in Marrakech will be a special occasion to meet networks, institutions, researchers, local bodies, practitioners interested in EE for the marine environment protection… Read More