The stakes of interaction: Coastal urbanization and marine protection

The 7th WEEC will have room also for the sea.
All stakeholders engaged in EE focused on the sea are invited to attend the congress and to submit proposals. The 7th WEEC in Marrakech will be a special occasion to meet networks, institutions, researchers, local bodies, practitioners interested in EE for the marine environment protection and in coasts-sea relationships.
So, the 7th will collect many people concerned by marine issues and a special session will be organized about this theme, related to congress special focus (i.e. cities and countryside and the role of the EE).
Read here the contribution of the CPIE Côte Provençale – Atelier Bleu du Cap de l’Aigle.

People interested in the theme, involved or not in the event can contribute to an international project on the website

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