WEEC2019, discovering the themes

The title of the 10th WEEC (Local Knowledge, Communication and Global Connectivity) refers to the relationship between local knowledge and global connectivity.

On the one hand, local knowledge (based on direct relationship with places, experience, heritage inherited from generation to generation) offers contextualized solutions, technologies appropriate to diversity of situations, sense of belonging, emotional involvement, participation opportunities and concrete action.

On the other hand, humans are linked by a common destiny: they are now connected by thousand powerful channels of communication and are mutually interconnected by the effects of everything that happens on the globe. Continuous exchanges of materials and information are the hallmark of the phase that humanity has come to. More than ever, the classic statement of environmental thought that every local thing is global and vice versa is true.

As always, along with the title theme of the congress, various other arguments relevant to environmental education, divided into 8 thematic niches, will be dealt with.

1.Water for Life, Marine Ecology and Conservation, Ecological Services and Biodiversity
2.Food Security and Sustainable Agriculture
3.Air Pollution and Atmospheric Education, Climate Change and Disaster Preparedness
4.Sustainable Energy for All
5.Green Industry, Social Responsibility and Economics Balancing
6.Waste Management, Green Innovation and Urban and Environmental Society
7.Sustainable Life Style and Human Well-Being, Environmental Promotion and Communication
8.Arts, Lifelong Learning in Environment, Global Challenge and Networking

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