Friluftsliv and the Postmodern Mood, Bob Jickling

The promise of friluftsliv, it seems, is access to a sensuous world, and through this, access to home, an oikos. Yet while an outdoor life may be necessarily a part of that access it may not, by it self, be sufficient to appreciate the “spell of the sensuous” (Abram, 1996). What may be required is a more profound disruption of one’s ontological positioning. This paper relives a series of ontological experiments. The methodology is a form of lyric philosophy that seeks to engage the reader/observer with these experiments.
In the spirit of open creativity—written and artistic—I remain eager to revise the work through a continuation of these experiments. Thus I propose to make a small number of additional images that arise from spontaneous experiences during the walk and my attempts to develop these pictures in the field. Thus, I propose that a discussion of my paper and further art making would be integrated into a kind of walking workshop.

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