Early Childhood Education and EE
Place-based Education and Local Outdoor Learning
Architecture and Green Design
Arts Based Approaches in EE
Agriculture and Garden-Based Learning
Global and Cultural Diversity in EE
Urban Eco-systems
Environmental Communication (and Uncertainty)
Indigenous Knowledge and EE
Ethics Lead Learning and Sustainability
Social Responsibility and Agency/Activism
Nature as Teacher / Nature as Researcher
Global Policy and Environmental Education
Perspectives, Challenges and Innovation in Research

NOTE: This above list separates what is inseparable and the congress themes need to be considered as interconnected. Wherever possible, abstracts (300 words or less) should aim to create links among the selected strands. Proposals can also be directed towards an teacher/educator or researcher audience (or both) and formats will be announced after review. The submission site is now ready to receive your proposals. To begin go to and click on “submit abstract” under the program menu. You will be prompted to register for the site and submit your abstracts.

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