Empowers successful clean-up in “the hinge of Africa”

The local section of ICENECDEV – Cameroon organised a full action packed clean-up  in the coastal village of Isobe Idenau. The community members received information on the effects of marine litter and how actions can be taken in order to prevent waste from ending up in the environment. Their joint efforts led to a collection of 1004,8 kg of plastic waste! Which means the coastal community made sure that they saved more than a ton of waste from ending up in the ocean and harming our marine life. The executive director Fongoh Eric and his organizing team ICENECDEV together with the local community worked hard to realise this goal!
Discovery Networks Norway joined this plastic waste movement on their impact day and contributed to clean-up with quintuple global effect sponsoring clean-ups around the world. Thanks to their sponsorship, it led to new clean-up in a whole new region of Empowers journey- West Cameroon. Because of the geographical and cultural diversity of the country, it is often referred to as “Africa in miniature” and as “the hinge of Africa”.
Like many African countries, Cameroon exhibits the burdens of waste managements. Several factors such as inadequate financial resources, low levels of enforcement of regulations, lack of knowledge and poor governance often lead to poor waste management services. The local partner ICENECDEV (also accredited to UNEP) has actively been working towards combating marine plastic litter and micro plastics.
With partners they aim to increase awareness and actions on the environment along the coastal village communities along the west coast of Cameroon (Isobe, Idenau, Etissah, Batoke,Bakingli). «We are thrilled to be a part of this campaign with ICENECDEV to illuminate on the waste problem and incentivize plastic waste collection in the region. We humbly thank everyone involved for all their superb efforts in this collaboration».

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