Plastic Free is the way to be

On the 21st of November the Seas, Rivers, Islands and Coastal Areas Intergroup (Searica) met with MIO-ECSDE and the informal Circle of Mediterranean Parliamentarians for Sustainable Development (COMPSUD) at the European Parliament in Brussels. This was a unique occasion where Members of the European Parliament and Members of Parliament of non-EU countries came together with marine litter experts, environmental NGOs, journalists and other key stakeholders to explore the next steps in achieving a litter-free Mediterranean Sea. The event was attended by some 65 participants from 20 or so countries. Read more here.

For a long time we have known that plastic in the ocean is a problem; we know the causes of it deleterious effects on the marine environment.

With the Plastic Strategy and its approach to phase out or ban certain plastic products, the EU has set a benchmark against plastic pollution. A lot is happening already at this crucial moment. We need to leave the plastics behind and rethink the future of plastics towards plastics free oceans and seas.

A second meeting organised by GWP/ Med was held on the 22nd in Brussels implementing NEXUS programme in MENA (Middle East and North Africa) countries about Water, Energy, Food and biodiversity. How to avoid that the consumption of one of them may diminish or damage the others. We are aware, in fact, that when we take something out from our planet we’ll pay in some way, particularly in biodiversity.

Patrizia Bonelli, representative of WEEC Network (second from the left)

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