Find out how sustainable Prague is!

The historic european city that will host the 11th World Environmental Education Congress is in continuous evolution. Prague is “striving to become a greener destination for visitors and a more sustainable city for its residents” (Sustain Europe, Prague: The City of a Hundred Spires).

The Sustainable Development Goals 2020 Index ranks countries around the world based on their performance on the 17 SDGs. In 2020 Czech Republic was at 8th place and Prague is already a green city, easy to walk and with a good public transport system.

The city is definitely committed to sustainability, thanks to its Climate Change Adaptation Strategy. There are some interesting aspects of sustainability in the city: from green spaces, to circular economy, waste management, mobility, food and so on.

Based on the Green Cities Index, Prague is the city with the highest percentage of green space per person. The City has a Tree Planting Action Plan that aims to plant 1 million new trees (beeches, oaks, firs, pine and larches) in the next eight-years in urban and open spaces to improve the microclimate and to prevent soil erosion.

Prague is also trying to make its Airport greener, by working on carbon neutrality. To achieve this goal, the Airport is considering the purchase of 100% green electricity, together with carbon offsetting projects. They even installed 5 beehives in the Airport to biomonitoring air quality.

The City is working on the transition to a circular economy, signing the European Circular Cities Declaration and managing waste production by reducing waste generation. City-wide biowaste collection and a pilot kitchen waste collection scheme are some of the interventions to reduce waste production by 50% by 2030.

For what concerns food resources, Prague aims to count on local farmland and vineyards to feed the city.  As for mobility in the capital, the public transport system is already extensive and cheap to use, but most commuters from suburban areas use private cars. For this reason, Prague has approved a Sustainable Mobility Plan that includes the introduction of electric buses, the extension of tramlines, the implementation of cycling paths and the construction of Park & Ride, Bike & Ride and Kiss & Ride facilities. Prague has also sustainable solutions for around the city, such as electric cruisers for trips along the Vtlava River or e-bikes.

To know more about sustainable planning and solutions in Prague, see Prague Adaptation Strategy here.

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