WEEC congress: flow of energies around the world

Photo by Petr Zewlakk Vrabec

Dear friends and colleagues,

We are nearly at the end of this eleventh congress. A new stage of the path started in 2003 is done.

Now we once again have a new long way to go.

We listened to many debates, conferences, and presentations, we paid attention to the voice of youth. Probably, we leave with a storm of ideas, with inspiring suggestions.

Despite everything – I said at the opening of the congress.

We are going to announce the twelfth congress in 2024.
Before the announcement, I’d like to thank the co-organisers again: the Masaryk University with a wonderful Jan Cincera and AIM group, their staffs, the institutions which gave their patronage, the partners, and the sponsors.

I’d also like to remind you that it is crucial to fill the time between a congress and the next one, not only as individuals or education bodies but as a worldwide network.

Local, national, regional meetings are welcome, as thematic groups and initiatives, webinars, forums, discussions of papers.

As permanent secretariat, our human and technical resources are limited but are at the disposal of the worldwide community of researchers, teachers, and educators.

Every congress is a milestone for environmental education worldwide. But the congresses should above all be an opportunity of coagulation for a flow of energies, proposals, regenerative learning experiences, and best practices.

So, many positions are open at the network: positions for volunteers, for goodwill people. We must enhance initiatives and prepare at best the next congress thanks to the help of a large community.

And now, it is an immense pleasure to invite the distinguished representative of the following local organising committee in 2024.

While I remind you that the call for hosting the 13th congress in 2026 is open, I announce that the 12th world environmental education congress will be in Abu Dhabi (United Arab Emirates).

I thank so much to the Environment Agency of Abu Dhabi for its engagement, its enthusiasm, and its strong competencies. Applause!

I invite H.E. Dr. Shaikha Salem Al Dhaheri and Mr Ahmed Baharoon to take the podium to present the congress’s title and main aims.